Provide high quality, deep understanding and effective solution for marine and non-marine surveying services in Vietnam

Northern Inspection Joint Stock Company (NORI) is now one of the leading inspection companies in Viet Nam, specialized in the field of maritime (ship and cargo transported by sea), property and engineering, etc. at the request of customers inside and outside the country, particularly those that are insurers.


Northern Inspection Joint Stock Company (NORI) was established in 2005.


With the contributions of expertise and capabilities of the experienced surveyors, of the leading experts on maritime including captains, chief engineers and vessels officers working in the field of marine inspection, of the qualified experts in the fields of construction, water works, electronics and telecommunications, mechanical, petrochemical, agriculture, aquaculture, etc. NORI can provide customers with all kinds of survey on maritime, import and export of goods, transport, construction, property and engineering, agricultural, etc. at any time upon request and anywhere in the country as well as in Southeast Asian countries.


NORI is considered by customers as a reputed survey joint stock company, with quality and efficiency activities in marine survey fields in Viet Nam.


With the quality of service being the top priority, NORI’s continuous improvement will be perfected for professional competence and development. All activities of the company are specified in accordance with the procedures of the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015. Our quality policy is "Fast, accurate, honest, independent and professional".


NORI is committed to providing our customers with the best services expertise quality with the dedication and professionalism of the staff in order to satisfy the increasing requirements of customers at home and abroad. thiết kế